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Being the Igniting Force helping people, teams, organizations and communities move beyond success to ever better Peak Performance.

We’re honored to provide you with the following services:

Strategy Creation &

Execution for Accountability

& Peak Performance

  • Values Lived Into Through Daily Behaviors & Decisions that Create & Enhance the Culture
  • Vision, Mission & Winning Proposition That Power Achievement to Create the Future
  • Accomplishments, Goals and Targets for Rapid, Significant Improvement

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Leadership that Ignites

& Unleashes the Power of

People, Teams & Organizations

  • External & Internal Customers Delighted in Employee-First, Customer-Pulled Leadership
  • Teamwork that is at least 30-40% More Productive
  • Leader’s Core Style and Substance is at the Heart of Leadership

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Coaching for

Business & Personal


  • Provides a Path to Current Reality and Future Possibilities
  • Technical Ability and Mental Adaptability Explored and Integrated
  • People Create Vision of Future Self and Action Steps for Personal Accountability

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the Right Person

the First Time

  • “Get it Right” Interviewing for Shared Mission, Vision, Values… & Passion
  • “Marriage Made in Heaven” of Technical Skills & Adaptable Capabilities
  • Onboarding & Development for Peak Performance & Retention

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Business Acumen


Operational Excellence

  • LEAN Thinking & Best Practices for Cost Removal Financial Strength
  • Business is a Web of Relationships
  • Trustmark vs. Trademark is Company Character

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Communication as

a Business Process

& Opportunities Gained

  • Getting Beyond Fear of Conflict to Embrace Positive Conflict
  • Critical Thinking Skills and Optimum Decision Making
  • Communication Leveraged for Diversity of Thought and Elimination “Behavioral Waste”

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As the Lifeblood of your

Organization & Community

  • Understand Who and How People Innovate
  • Frustrations are a Clear Call for Innovative Growth
  • An Environment of Safety and Gratitude that Encourages Positive Ideas

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Emotional Regulation

for Personal Effectiveness

& Impact on Others

  • Belief in Self Builds Confidence and Reduces Anxiety
  • Mindsets, Attitudes & Comfort Zones Challenged & Expanded
  • Obstacle/Victim Immunity for Indomitable Spirit

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Peak Performance



  • Highly-Researched & Experience-Based Speaking Engagements on Peak Performance Topics.

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Leadership Development


Learning Laboratories Designed

to Ignite Leadership that Transforms

Individuals, Teams,

Organizations and Communities.


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